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About Us

Esther Fuller, CPP

Connor Fuller, CPP


Capturing the moments of your life and preserving them for generations to come. Classic and Modern Portraiture done with style is timeless. Fads come and go and fashions change, but nothing replaces quality. We want your moments to be beautiful a century from now.



It is simple. I love people. I love capturing who they are. Hating what I call "plastic" or "sterile" pictures, I set out to do photography how I like it. So, my photo sessions are more relaxed so you can relax and let your personality shine through. Then, your portraits are truly about you.


Now, my son, Connor, has joined me doing what we both love.


We feel it is a privilege when you allow us to capture your special moments. We want to do just that and provide you with a legacy for generations.


Why have us as your photographer?


Education and Credentials:

Esther Fuller, CPP is a Certified Professional Photographer. Like certification in other professions, this means that my creative work and technical knowledge are considered to be above industry standards. As a Certified Photographer, we are required to participate in Continuing Education which continues to hone skills and provide new and innovative ideas. Fewer than 3% of all professional photographers are certified, as the testing and qualifications are rigid.


Connor Fuller, CPP is also a Certified Professional Photographer. is an award winning photographer. His images are fresh with a modern perspective. He began working with his mom, Esther, when he was just 12 years old and then started professionally in 2008. He is actively working on his Masters of Photography thru PPA. Esther and Connor are the only Certified Professional Photographers in Jasper and Newton counties.


Quality. Yes, we use the highest quality cameras and equipment. Many photographers buy a medium or low quality camera and think they're in business. Backup equipment will be at your wedding or event so, just in case, we're still covered. High quality makes a difference!


Expertise. No matter what kind of situations we encounter at your wedding or portrait session, we have the technical expertise to handle it.


No questions asked guarantee. If you don't LOVE your portraits, your session is redone or your money is refunded . Period. And, we're still friends.


Experience. In the beginning of 2004, I got serious about this photography business. Since that time, I've worked hard to refine and hone my skill. through education and practice. I have literally taken hundreds of thousands of pictures and that experience has paid off. I've learned that what you know does make a difference. Just compare our work to others. We think you'll see the difference.


Professional Photographers of America PPA membership. As PPA members, we are among 22,000 other professional photographers who are part of a non-profit association that supports the industry, encourages involvement and promotes excellence. We are also members of Texas PPA and attend Texas School of Photography each year to further our eduction.


When your memories and milestones matter, don't compromise on your photographer.


So, join our club! We think you'll love the results!


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